BioPhotas, Inc. Announces Additional FDA Wrinkles Clearance for the Celluma™

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BioPhotas, Inc. Announces Additional FDA Wrinkles Clearance for the Celluma

Esthetic Applications Earns Celluma Prestigious Awards for the Second Year in a Row

TUSTIN, Calif. – March 3, 2016 – BioPhotas, Inc. today announced the clearance by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) of the Celluma, its patented biophotonic medical device, for an additional indication-for-use in treating facial wrinkles. The FDA has previously cleared the Celluma for seven separate indications-for-use, including the treatment of acne, muscle and joint pain, muscle and joint stiffness, muscle spasm, arthritis and compromised local blood circulation.

Commenting on the FDA clearance, Patrick Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer for BioPhotas said, “The Celluma has really created a new category of Low-Level Light Therapy device, one that combines the power and efficacy of large panel devices and the affordability of small hand-held devices, into a single product that is FDA-cleared to treat the broadest range of muscle, joint and skin conditions on the market. In the Celluma, we have created an extraordinarily versatile product that is effective enough to be used in a professional setting and affordable enough to be used in the home.”

The Celluma uses three discrete wavelengths of light energy simultaneously, modulated with proprietary electronic algorithms, to effectively treat a variety of skin, muscle and joint conditions. The Celluma is distinct from other light therapy devices given its patented flexible design that molds to the body to allow the light to be absorbed more effectively, leading to higher efficacy and more predictable outcomes. In a Clinical Study reviewed by three Board Certified Dermatologists, the Celluma was shown to have produced a lasting and quantifiable reduction in facial wrinkles 12 weeks after the completion of a 4-week treatment regime.

BioPhotas also announced that its flagship product, the Celluma PRO, has been once again named Product of the Year for 2016 in the Light Therapy category by Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa magazine, a major international trade publication in the esthetics and spa industry. This is the second year in a row that the Celluma has been awarded this distinction, having only been on the market for three years. Further commenting on the announcement, Mr. Johnson said, “We are again very excited to receive this award and thank the readers of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa magazine for their support and confidence in the Celluma. A day seldom passes that we are not told by a customer, consumer and professional alike, that they LOVE their Celluma.” The Celluma has also been named a Winner in the Light Therapy category by Dermascope Magazine and a Top 100 Product by DC Products Magazine (chiropractic) in 2016.

In support of the new FDA clearance, BioPhotas has announced the launch of a new website (www.biophotas.com), which explains in great detail the health and wellness benefits of Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), and specifically of the Celluma. The website highlights the use of the Celluma in treating Acne and Wrinkles, as well as Aches & Pain. The scientific foundation for LLLT is presented, from the seminal research conducted by NASA to the research sponsored by BioPhotas at the prestigious Beckman Laser Institute at the University of California, Irvine.

About BioPhotas, Inc.

BioPhotas, Inc. is a medical device company that was established to offer a new approach to biophotonic therapy for medical providers and consumers. In providing unique devices founded on NASA-developed technology and backed by clinical studies, BioPhotas is bringing to market safe, effective and affordable devices that unlock the clinical power of biophotonics. BioPhotas develops and market devices for healthcare providers and consumers that conveniently treat a variety of pain, dermatology and muculoskeletal conditions. For more information about the Celluma please visit www.biophotas.com or call 714-838-1956 to learn more.

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