PhageTech, LLC. Licenses Radical New Diagnostic Technology from University of California, Irvine

Revolutionary Technology Will Power Tiny Biosensors for Early Detection of Cancers, Chronic and Infectious Diseases

Irvine, CA (June 5, 2015) – PhageTech, LLC today announced that it has signed the final agreement with the University Of California, Irvine for the worldwide patent rights to break-through technology that will radically transform the way cancers, chronic and infectious diseases are detected. PhageTech bio- Sensors will make possible a new generation of hand-held tests that can be used at the point of care such as a doctor’s office or eventually at home like a pregnancy or glucose test.

PhageTech bio-sensors will make possible important new tests that can lead to early detection of many cancers, infectious diseases, and other chronic conditions thereby saving lives and lowering healthcare costs.

Early detection of diseases is an important key to saving lives and lowering healthcare costs by allowing earlier intervention and eliminating treatment modalities associated with advanced stages of a disease.

PhageTech’s vision is in 10 years, to have positively touched the lives of over a billion people. For more information on PhageTech, LLC contact:
Arlene Bumb
[email protected]