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Tenex Health Inc. recently announced its inclusion as the top medical device company on the ForbesTM list of America’s Most Promising Companies, which features 100 privately held up-and-comers with compelling business models, strong management teams, notable customers, strategic partners, and precious investment capital. Due to its breakthrough technology and promising clinical results, Tenex Health was ranked as the top private company in its category.

Tenex Health pioneered the minimally invasive FAST procedure—Focused Aspiration of Soft Tissue, which uses proprietary ultrasonic energy to debride and aspirate degenerated tissue in tendons and other soft tissues precisely and rapidly, with minimal discomfort to the patient. Currently, the FAST procedure may be used for the removal of pain-generating pathologic tissue of the elbow, knee, foot, and ankle.

“I am very pleased by this recognition from Forbes, which is one more validation of our innovative technology platform and business strategy,” said Ivan Mijatovic, board chairman of Tenex Health and managing partner of VCI Partners, a private equity firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. “With this new paradigm to treat musculoskeletal disorders, physicians, surgeons, and patients now have access to a viable treatment modality for a painful condition that affects over 10 million Americans each year.”

Tenex Health was selected for its growth potential through a comprehensive evaluation process by Forbes and CB Insights, a data firm that tracks investment in high-growth private companies. Utilizing the innovative complex Mosaic software, companies were ranked by a proprietary algorithm to derive scores that measure the health of private companies. 

“We are honored to be recognized as the top medical device company on the Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies list,” says Jagi Gill, CEO and founder of Tenex Health. “Our innovative technology helps clinicians deliver excellent outcomes and improved quality of life to their patients with tendon issues. The FAST procedure has the potential to become the standard of care to address diseased tendon tissue through a minimally invasive treatment modality. Going forward, we are developing other minimally invasive treatments based on the FAST procedure principles and our technology platform that can be expanded to other parts of the body.” To view the complete Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies, please visit www.forbes.com/ampc.

About Tenex Health Inc.

Tenex Health Inc. is a pioneer in minimally invasive therapies for removal of diseased soft tissue and restoration of healthy musculoskeletal function. The FAST procedure is designed to quickly, safely, and precisely remove diseased tissue to alleviate pain and improve mobility, helping patients quickly return to the activities they enjoy with minimal downtime. To learn more about the TX1 Tissue Removal System and the FAST procedure, visit www.TenexHealth.com or www.FASTprocedure.com.

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