STROMA Wins LaunchPadTM Award at OCTANe MDIF 2011

By December 6, 2011 News 11 Comments

STROMA, a medical device start-up that can “turn brown eyes blue,” has won the LaunchPad Award at OCTANe MDIF 2011. This award is given to the start-up company that received the combined highest score in the LaunchPad evaluations held prior to the event. STROMA beat out fourteen finalists out of the dozens of life science companies that applied to present at OCTANe MDIF 2011. 

According to Luis Vasquez, VP of Entrepreneurship at OCTANe, “The LaunchPad evaluation process evaluates medical device companies on twenty-nine metrics that we have found to be critical to start-up medical device company success. STROMA’s combined score was the highest of all the very-well qualified companies that we evaluated prior to MDIF 2011.”

About LaunchPad:
LaunchPad is OCTANe’s hand’s-on, pro-bono accelerator for start-up companies in the technology,life science, and clean tech industries.
LaunchPad helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into successful businesses. OCTANe’s goal is to help new companies get started, help start-ups get funded, help funded companies grow, and help growing companies get to liquidity exits, and create new jobs. LaunchPad is one of the ways we get that done. With LaunchPad’s help, over 59 companies have raised more than $96 million in start-up capital, seed and series A investments. Learn more at www.octaneoc.org/home/launchpad/

Strōma Medical Corporation is a development stage medical device company located in Laguna Beach, California. The Company, founded by Gregg Homer, JSD (PhD) in 2009, has developed a patented system, comprised of a laser, slit lamp, and proprietary software, to change human eye color safely and effectively. This non-invasive treatment does not require anesthesia, has minimal recovery time, takes less than a minute to perform on each eye, and will result in dark eyes changing to natural-looking blue or green eyes for consumers around the world. 




  • Paul says:

    How do I find out more about this procedure changing heys color, I have light brown eyes with a blue ring around them…. like more info

  • susana says:

    I ask if volunteers are needed. Also when it is approved, I’d like to be informed and put on the waiting list. I’ve been hearing 18 months – does it mean 2013? th
    ank you

    • Luis Vasquez says:

      Stroma is dedicated to developing a safe and effective means of changing eye color, from brown, hazel or black to blue. They are in the process of completing some business and R&D tasks prior to continuing our clinical process to achieve the next level of clinical and cosmetic success for patients around the world. The company will be conducting clinical evaluations in multiple countries around the world, to insure the safety profile remains the same as it has, with no procedural complications. Stroma will putting up a website up in the next few months and hope to keep everyone informed of our progress via the site, a blog and Facebook.

  • Maris says:

    Yes, hello,

    Was wondering how to get on the clinical trial list. Currently have brown eyes that change from dark to medium off and on, would love to be a part of this breakthrough technology.

    • Luis Vasquez says:

      Stroma will put up a website up in the next few months and hope to keep everyone informed of their progress via the site, a blog and Facebook.

  • CONNIE says:

    Go STROMA, go!

  • Chaz says:

    Any updates yet on this procedure. I would love to be a clinical trial participant!

  • Stephanie says:

    Is this product going to be coming out in 2020 because their website still says
    2012 and it is 2013. Did something go wrong because they haven’t updated
    Anything ?

  • yeux verte says:

    do you happen to know if they will be releasing a laser to turn brown eyes to green simultaneously? just offering blue is limiting as not everyone wants blue eyes.

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