Alternative Technology Solutions

Alternative Technology Solutions helps customers to increase their ERP investments while reducing their implementation costs. With a customer-centric philosophy that begins with a deep dive into understanding your business, Alternative reduces the decision-making effort by implementing the core functionality required, leaving only the fine-turning up to the customer. When companies engage Alternative, they put their ERP investment in our hands and trust our process and results. We don’t take that trust for granted, and we deliver.

Andrew Technologies, LLC

Andrew Technologies, LLC, is a medical technology company committed to improving patients’ lives through body aesthetics. We are preparing to launch our first product, HydraSolveTM lipoplasty system, in the US in early 2012.

Arkami, Inc.

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, Arkami, Inc. recognized a familiar pain point in most digital users’ lives and manufactured a simple password management device. myIDkey is the first fingerprint, voice-search, secure Bluetooth / USB drive that displays passwords and ID on the go as well as works with smart mobile devices and personal computers. Now passwords and account information is at the tip of your finger.

BioPhotas, Inc.

BioPhotas, Inc. has developed innovative and technically advanced BioPhotonic products based on NASA’s research, which offer safe, natural and non-invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation and muscle and joint pain. BioPhotonic Therapy utilizes BioPhotas’ innovative combination of LED light energy and proprietary photo-modulation technologies to adjunctively treat acne, aesthetic, inflammation, muscle and joint pain conditions.

Blockade Medical

Founded in 2011, Blockade Medical is a privately held company dedicated the development of catheter based therapeutic devices for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms. The Blockade Management team has a combined 65+ years in the neurovascular field. The Company is committed to bringing products to market that are not only current standards of care in the neuro interventional field but also innovative next generation solutions to complex interventional nuerovascular procedures. Blockade Medical is headquartered in Irvine, CA. The Company’s products are also designed and manufactured in California. The Company received CE Mark for its Barricade Coil System in July of 2012.

Breathe Technologies, Inc.

Breathe Technologies, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of innovative therapeutic respiratory systems and is dedicated to helping people with compromised lung function breathe, move and live.

The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2)

The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) at UC Irvine is a multidisciplinary research institute that develops information technology-based innovations. By integrating academic research with industry experience, the institute seeks to benefit society, incubate new technology companies and ignite economic development. Calit2 focuses on the digital transformation of healthcare, energy, the environment and culture. More than 150 UCI faculty, 250 students and 70 industry partners are actively engaged in Calit2 research activities.


In the world of distributed data, cloud computing and big data there is a need to access any data, anywhere, at any time without having to be a programmer or DBA. Cirro is disrupting traditional data analytic approaches by empowering non-technical analysts to perform complex analysis on big data and traditional data sources with the simplicity of Excel or other in-house business intelligence tools. This type of analysis can be done without the complexity of dealing with multiple environments and languages. Users are free to ‘ask questions about their data’ with unparalleled access to any data regardless of the platform or environment for faster, more-informed data exploration and decision-making.


As a leading developer of highly integrated single chip CMOS ICs for high performance networking applications, ClariPhy offers the industry’s first seamless path from today’s 10 Gb/s networks to tomorrow’s 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s solutions. The company combines its extensive mixed-signal processing (MXSP) expertise with ultra high speed analog functions and complex DSP capabilities in a single scalable CMOS architecture.


Compellon’s mission is to enable data scientists, analysts and business users to quickly and easily discover the truth hidden within diverse data sets. The result of 20 years of research in advance information theory, Compellon’s breakthrough analysis engine simplifies traditional data analytics by eliminating the trial-and-error methodology of testing data against multiple statistical models.

Corent Technology

Corent Technology is a leading provider of SaaS enablement software. Corent’s SaaS-CockpitTM is a comprehensive operations and management platform for SaaS providers. Corent’s Multi-Tenant ServerTM provides a software “plug-in” approach to instant transformation of conventional, single-tenant software applications into robust elastic, multi-tenant, cloud-ready SaaS solutions. Corent SaaS Enablement Platform was named the “2012 Cloud Product of the Year” at the TechAmerica’s 19th Annual High-tech Innovations Awards. Corent is managed by a team of Silicon.


EIN-SOF is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions for both local and global companies. The company has a client-centric engagement model that combines local, senior, on-site resources with the cost, scale and quality advantages of off-shore operations. We adopt best practices methodologies to include V Cycle for software development and ISO 9001 for quality management. Our technical center has been assessed at CMMI level 3, indicating that all standard processes have been defined and documented. These certifications and practices provide a qualified foundation for all EIN-SOF service offerings and enable our clients to benefit internally.


Enmotus enables fast and simple integration of SSDs and hard drives in servers and server centric distributed storage environments. Utilizing automated data migration and storage virtualization technology normally associated with expensive enterprise storage, we have created an easy path to scalable SSD adoption. Our MicroTieringTM creates a new class of affordable tiered storage that combines the capacity of hard drives with the performance of SSDs. The Enmotus solution responds in seconds to rapidly changing access patterns, ensuring that your SSD storage contains only that data that you need.

EyeOnJewels Corp.

EyeOnJewels Corp. blends leading edge technologies with out-of-the-box innovation to help consumers connect with the jewelry and watch markets globally.


FUGU is the one-stop source for the production and distribution of interactive training and shows targeted to a consumer audience. The content is delivered in an immersive fashion that entangles the viewer in a compelling and participatory experience far removed from the traditional, passive media experience.

Gate 5 Energy Partners

Gate 5 Energy Partners’ advanced and innovative technologies profitably produce a sustainable fuel out of sludge and other natural waste products and as a result eliminate associated health and environmental problems.


GenieDB is a geo-diverse, fully-replicated datafabric for enterprises who host multi-location apps demanding global consistency, user-data proximity, availability or scalability over very wide areas.


Gobiquity is focused on preventing blindness by being a leader in prescribed mobile health apps for vision care. Our innovative mobile diagnostics are used by medical professionals and patients to acquire clinically significant data in the clinic or at home.  GoCheck Kids is the initial product from Gobiquity and screens for amblyopia, the leading cause of loss of sight in children. The novel GoCheck Kids smart phone-based photo app allows pediatricians and their staff to screen children ages 1-6, in real time, assessing them for amblyopic risk factors. Gobiquity closed Series A funding with Interwest Partners in July 2013.

Hitachi Chemical

Hitachi Chemical is promoting a “Material System Solution” that provides customers with solutions to problems in product development from a comprehensive point of view regarding materials and technologies.

Icon Lab

Icon specializes in researching new materials and developing them into advanced medical devices. Our specialists conduct a complete workflow, from generating an idea to passing clinical approbations and launching products to the markets. Icon Lab is an international company operating in Russia, Germany and Turkey.

The Innovation Institute

Our mission is to develop growth and innovation in collaboration with like-minded partners, transforming healthcare by “doing more, with less, for more people.” Our Vision is to create a significant and successful independent vehicle that forms a collaborative partnership among leading health systems. This platform will enable innovation of high-quality, cost-effective solutions and growth of new revenue sources that address the reimbursement “gap” on behalf of our Members.

Laguna Source

Laguna Source is a specialty search firm which places Engineering, Scientific, and other professionals within the Biotechnology, BioPharma, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Complex Foods, In Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Device, and Information Technology industries.


We make mobile apps, devices and services work: for developers, for mobile carriers, for device manufacturers. In this frenetic new market, we identify and hone the best of the best. Our quality control process takes your apps and services to the next level. Our marketers deliver them to boardrooms and the masses. M2Catalyst apps and services integrate seamlessly with carrier networks and handsets, and increase revenue for all involved. M2Catalyst. We set mobile markets in motion. All the way to the bank.


Maana is pioneering new search technology for big data. The world’s largest corporations use Maana to drive significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, safety, and security in operations of their core assets. Maana search is a single, industry-agnostic, end-to-end platform that mines raw data of any type from any source; creates actionable information from that data; and operationalizes the information across existing line-of-business applications to enable data-driven decisions. Currently focused on the Fortune 500 market, Maana has a successful track record on data from operations of core enterprise assets in numerous industries such as Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Insurance.

My Open Road

My Open Road is a revolutionary new geo-location travel game for smartphones. It rewards users in a positive reinforcement manner to be safe drivers, and reduce global warming by using alternate forms of transportation to conserve energy.

Driver safety is accomplished by encouraging  drivers to use any type of hands free system when behind the wheel. The My Open Road’s patent-pending technology can detect and reward drivers for using Bluetooth speakerphones, headsets, and ear buds or wired headsets.

My Open Road participates in reducing global warming by encouraging and rewarding users when they use different means of getting around other than driving. They can take public transportation, trains, carpool, even cycling and running will be supported.


Bloggers, Content Providers, SEO Professionals, Advertisers and Corporate Marketing Managers use OnlyWire to submit millions of posts each day. Social Media Professionals use OnlyWire to launch, update and analyze social media campaigns.

The UCI Office of Technology Alliances (OTA)

The UCI Office of Technology Alliances (OTA) exists to foster faculty/industry alliances and commercialization of UC Irvine technology for the broad public benefit. OTA emphasizes accessibility, timeliness, and flexibility in its operations and negotiations to ensure that the federal, state and private investment in UCI research has the greatest possible positive impact on people and the economy.


Pivotshare’s mission is simple: to provide a world-class platform that enables content creators and publishers to profit off their hard work, that in turn entertains, informs, and delights their audiences.

We promise to build and maintain an infrastructure that supports publishers of all sizes, and to always listen to our customers as well as their customers.

Predixion Software

Predixion Software, Inc. is the leading provider of collaborative predictive analytics solutions that are fully integrated with Microsoft Corp.’s BI platform – which has the largest install base across the business intelligence landscape.

Retronix Semiconductor

Retronix Semiconductor is an engineering service company and general contractor serving the Semiconductor, and other high tech manufacturing industries.

Established in 1992, we have become the largest 3rd party engineering company worldwide employing over 350 technical & engineering people globally.

We specialise in:

  • Engineering service contracts
  • Staff augmentation programs
  • Equipment relocation support
  • Equipment sales and refurbishment

Our customer base contains some of the world’s largest IDMs and OEMs.


Sentrian, the first Remote Patient Intelligence Company, aspires to eliminate all preventable hospitalization by leveraging the revolution in biosensors and machine learning to remotely detect patient deterioration before problems become acute.


Sonendo has a new disruptive technology that promises to transform the way root canal therapy (endodontics) is performed. As opposed to current endodontic files that only touch 30-70% of the canal surface, Sonendo’s Multisonic UltracleaningTM technology reaches and cleans everywhere within the canal. In-vitro and in-vivo clinical studies show that Sonendo cleans faster, easier, and better than current available endodontic materials and devices.


SourceThought provides the tools and talent to process ETL natively in Hadoop. Hadoop is the platform of choice for big data, but Hadoop is just the starting point. Data must be migrated, profiled, cleansed, transformed, integrated, enhanced, managed and tracked. That is where SourceThought comes in. SourceThought’s team of ETL and EDW experts are trained to use SourceThought tools and Hadoop to deliver turn key ETL and big data processing solutions to the enterprise.

Tellus Technology, Inc.

Tellus Technology, Inc. is an environmental technology innovator committed to bringing biochemical and renewables-based manufacturing processes to the chemical and fuel industries that are transformative, sustainable, and highly profitable.

We are currently focused on the global commercialization of a innovative waste-to-value technology that upcycles used tires into widely accepted commercial products.  The net result of the Tellus Process is the upcycling of millions of scrap tires per year, the recovery and reintroduction of tens of millions of pounds of petroleum-based chemicals and fuels into manufacturing industries, and the sequestration of hundreds of thousands of pounds of Green House Gas emissions.


TrafIQ greatly increases capacity on overloaded wireless networks. Wireless operators are struggling to handle the explosive growth in data traffic on their networks. TrafIQ accurately predicts network performance at future traffic levels, allowing wireless network operators to determine precisely when and where capacity (new cell sites, radio equipment, spectrum) will need to be added or removed from their networks, far more accurately than existing planning and optimization methods. With TrafIQ, operators can identify simple, low cost ways to squeeze more capacity from their existing network assets. These changes can be made proactively before the customer experiences any degradation due to increasing traffic.


TruInjectTM is a med tech company focused on the innovation, development, and commercialization of medical device products for the healthcare data analytics market. We are passionate about patient safety, and our mission is to develop first-in-class medical device products to address current unmet needs in the rapidly growing medical injectable market.

Verismic Software, Inc.

Verismic Software, Inc. develops powerful, user-friendly technology to enhance and simplify the task of managing IT infrastructure from the cloud, focused on enabling greater efficiency, cost-savings and security.

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., founder Ashley Leonard launched the company in 2012 to offer innovative solutions that solve IT problems while addressing security concerns. Verismic has since worked with over 150 companies ranging from 10 to 35,000 endpoints, delivering a variety of solutions for small to medium enterprises, managed service providers (MSPs) and large corporations. Verismic is already recognized as the leader in cloud-based power management solutions, and today boasts offices in four countries with 12 partners in nine countries.


VertiFlex is a privately held medical device company dedicated to the advancement of minimally invasive solutions for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis(LSS), which is the leading cause of spinal surgery in the elderly. Our focus is to resolve the pain of LSS, helping patients regain active and productive lifestyles.


The Future of Wireless is WiSpry! WiSpry is a fabless RF semiconductor company that has developed truly disruptive technologies for the wireless market. WiSpry brings significant performance improvements, size and cost reduction benefits to mobile handset manufacturers and network operators. This is achieved by on-chip integration of dynamically tunable RF elements into mobile handset front-end circuits.

The key to WiSpry’s technology is the integration of patented RF- micro-electro-mechanical–systems (MEMS) devices with industry standard RF-CMOS process flows, thereby enabling convergence of digital, analog, and RF functionality on a single chip.

This integration enables WiSpry’s very high performance tunable digital capacitors to take advantage of the latest advancements in logic and RF-CMOS processes resulting in substantial performance benefits at a cost that leverages the large fabless CMOS manufacturing infrastructure.


YouDitto is an app that lets people share and receive notifications based on their proximity to whatever place they’re interested in.

We build communication apps and services for smart phones! Our secret sauce is our proprietary, massively scalable, hosted communication platform and a collection of APIs and web services that speed mobile development. Our flagship product is YouMailTM‘s Visual Voicemail, a state-of-the-art mobile voicemail service, with applications available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Phone 7 platforms.